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Terms and Condition is owned and run by My Lifestyle Solutions Ltd, referred to below as U-Wantit or "Us" or “We” or "Website".

By placing bids at U-Wantit, you (“participant, “customer”, “user”, “bidder”, “visitor”, “auction winner”) agree to enter an agreement with U-Wantit and accept the following terms and conditions, which are subject to revision by U-Wantit.

By accessing this site the Member exercises the right to act autonomously, and guarantees the right, authority and capacity to accept the present Agreement,

Each single Member, by registering with U-Wantit, unconditionally accepts without any exception the following prohibited uses:

  • Open and use more than one U-Wantit account (“Account”);
    Use a false or misleading address or e-mail address to open or use an Account.
  • Supply false or misleading information to any subject involved in the U-Wantit program.
  • Use names and/or addresses and/or personal data of any type belonging to third parties.

U-Wantit reserves the right to suspend and/or delete the Member account if the Member does not follow the rules above.

Each Member must create a "Username" which will identify the Member on the Site in a unique way. In addition each Member must choose a "Password". Username and password allow U-Wantit Members to see, use and manage their Account. You are solely responsible for keeping your Username and Password confidential. In no case shall U-Wantit or their employees or associates be liable and/or have duties in relation to the use or improper use of your Username and/or Password.

Our service is limited to the choice of products placed on sale. Our Service includes monitoring the regular execution of sales based on a blind lowest unique bid auction system or Reveal the Price, as per the Rules described herein, and monitoring that the product purchased is delivered to the buyer. In addition, the U-Wantit Service includes the management and updating of the Site and of its web and software parts, as well as the management of all the costs related to servers, employees, advertising and costs related to the management of a Company. You hereby agree and accept that the Service offered and for which you decide to buy Credits is reasonable. Members who wish to place bids accept and agree to buy Credits in order to receive these Services.


Access to the Site and registration are free. To receive the Services offered by U-Wantit you must buy Credits. In return for purchasing the U-Wantit Services you receive Credits, which you can use at your discretion to receive the Information Service for each bid you place. The amount of Credits deducted from your Credits Account purchased is shown on the site and may vary according to the product. By registering as a Member and therefore wanting to receive the U-Wantit services, you agree and accept that any payment you make to U-Wantit is made exclusively to guarantee the continuity of the Service indicated here and that the Information Service offered by U-Wantit for each bid is an additional Service offered by U-Wantit for which no payment, but only the use of Credits, is required. The Member is solely responsible for any type of management of his/her Account.

When purchasing Credits, or in the case of promotions which may be presented from time to time, U-Wantit may, at its own discretion and without any obligation, give you a Bonus.
A bonus amount can only be used to participate in the current auctions at U-Wantit, and can in no other way be used or reclaimed in the form of payment or compensation otherwise.
All bonus offers are subject to the terms and conditions specified at the time of the offer. U-Wantit reserves the right to take appropriate action, which may include immediate account deactivation without refund, towards any users abusing bonus offers.

If a member wishes to have a certain balance, which has previously been deposited at U-Wantit, repaid in the form of balance on a bidding account, the member will be charged an administrative fee of 4.5% of the full account balance or £50.00, whichever is higher. This fee covers handling, administrative and international transaction fees between U-Wantit and the member. The member also waives any claim to potential bonus amounts in the account that are linked to the amount being paid back, and these bonuses will be deducted from the account prior to the calculation of the administrative fee.

U-Wantit reserves the right, at any time, to change or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, a part of the Service with or without notice. You agree and accept that We shall not be liable and shall not be subject to sanctions by you or third parties for any change, suspension or interruption of the Service and you agree and accept that you shall not have the right to receive any refund unless the Service is permanently closed and interrupted for a continuous period of 6 consecutive months.


9.1 Rights to bid
Participants may bid on any number or all of the ongoing auctions until they are closed. An auction closes once the preset maximum numbers of bids (bid quota) have all been placed and the timer clocks zero.The bid quota is stated clearly on each auction.

9.2 Bids Amount
Bids can only be placed in units of 1.00  and upwards from the minimum start unit if any.The auction item is sold for the lowest unique bid at the end of the auction.

9.3 Valid Bid Registration
Incoming bids are valid once they are registered at U-Wantit. The bid is not valid at the time when it is sent from the bidder’s computer. Typically, the bid is registered within one second after it is sent from the user, but in some rare cases, bidders may experience connection problems with their Internet service provider. These connection problems may result in a delay between the time the bid is submitted by the bidder and the time it is received by U-Wantit.
In order for the bid to be valid during an auction, it has to be registered with U-Wantit before the designated closing time for each auction.

9.4 Reveal The Price
The price will decrease each time the show price button is clicked. User has a chance to buy the auctioned item within an allotted time. When the price appeals the user pays the auction price revealed including shiping costs via the supplied payment methods. The user will receive a payment confimation and the item is delivered. if user does not pay within the specified time, The auction continues. If the auction is cancelled user's credits will not be returned.

9.5 Lowest Unique Bidder
The User who at the end of the auction has placed the lowest unique bid is the winner of the auction. The lowest unique bid refers to the act of placing the lowest bid along with being the only one to place the bid in question. U-Wantit continuously identifies the lowest unique bid and also keeps the relevant individuals informed about the status of the bid and other relations to this bid, subject to the limits of liability stated above. In the extreme rare case of no bid being unique, U-Wantit will identify the lowest bid first placed, as the winning bid.


10.1 Auction Winner Notification
U-Wantit emails the winner, as defined under “Lowest unique bidder”, and sends an invoice covering the winning bid and the shipping costs (if any). The invoice is to be paid within 48hours. If the invoice is not paid within time, the winner of the auction will lose the opportunity to purchase,convert or get cash for the item for the winning bid. Auction winners are responsible for inspecting all products immediately upon delivery and report any problems to the U-Wantit Customer Support within 14 days after delivery.

10.2 Delivery
Delivery. Items are normally delivered 1-4 weeks after the invoice has been paid. In rare cases there may be delays  that prevent U-Wantit from delivering the item to the winner within 4 weeks, and in these cases U-Wantit pledges to notify the customer of the delay and explain the circumstances. All items are delivered by registered mail, to the address specified in the winner’s U-Wantit account.

Some products may require your personal presence because they must be registered through public deed (e.g. a car). In this case all expenses sustained by the winner to reach the location of the product and/or any registration cost and/or any other cost not expressly mentioned on the site shall be paid by the Successful Bidder. After having purchased and paid for the Product the Winner can assign the property to a third party according to instructions which the Winner shall communicate to U-Wantit. U-Wantit shall not be liable or punishable in any way if the product cannot be delivered due to the fact that the address on the registration form is incomplete or incorrect. You are responsible for updating your details.

10.3 Product Warranty
Items on U-Wantit are sealed and new  products which typically come with the manufacturer’s warranty, which may vary by manufacturer. Although U-Wantit is happy to assist the customer in correcting any issues with defective products, the company does not offer any explicit product warranties. In the event that there is a fault with the received item(s), please contact [email protected]
and let let us know the issues. If the fault of the product is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, U-Wantit will assist the customer in acquiring a brand new product from the manufacturer.

10.4 Availability
U-Wantit will make its best efforts ensure the availability of the product with the characteristics specified on the Site, without modifications. If the product however is no longer available at the close of bidding, the winner in the case of Reveal the Price auction, shall be notified by email and the payment  reimbursed to user via the payment method user paid with. In the case of Lowest Unique Bid auction the winner shal be offered a product of the same type of equal or higher value or the retail price cash equivalent, according to winners preference.

10.5 Product Refunds

10.51 Lowest Unique bid

An auction winner has the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days, provided that the product is unused and returned unopened. If the customer wishes to cancel the purchase of an auction item, the customer should email [email protected] The customer will then be reimbursed for any amount paid for the item (the lowest unique bid), less shipping and handling.

10.52  Reveal The Price
The winner has an opportunity to notify via [email protected] and cancel purchase within 24hrs of payment. If purchase is cancelled within the prescribed time customer shall be reimbursed the amount paid less administartive charges. Products bought through the Reveal The Price may not be returned.

10.6 Contact Information
When placing a bid, the customer agrees to provide an e-mail address that U-Wantit can use to contact the customer at the time of the auction close in the case that the customer has placed the lowest unique bid. Aside from an e-mail address, the customer may also provide U-Wantit with other contact details including, but not limited to,address and gender when opening an account. As stated under “Privacy”, U-Wantit adheres to applicable privacy laws and has policies in place that this information will not be shared with third parties without the member’s expressed consent.

10.7 Publication of auction winners
U-Wantit has the right to contact the winner after the end of an auction and publish information about the winner. All winners of items are obligated to submit a picture and name to U-Wantit for publication on U-Wantit. In order to provide its members and the public with transparency in regards to auction winners.

We do our best to give Product description which are as accurate as possible. The information may contain printing errors or incorrect elements. Therefore, product information must not be considered as a U-Wantit declaration of the technical characteristics of a product. The published market values are basic estimates made by U-Wantit, and may be different due to the nature of commerce and ever-changing prices.

U-Wantit, shall not be liable for incorrect or incomplete contents published on the site or concerning the Service whether these are generated by users, Members or any other instrument or program associated to the Service or used by the Service, or generated by the conduct of any user and/or Member of the Service both online and offline. U-Wantit shall not be liable for any errors, interruptions, extensions, defects, delays in the operations or in the transmission, lack of communication lines, thefts, destruction or unauthorised access to or alteration of user and or Member communications. U-Wantit shall not be liable for any technical malfunction or problem of any network or telephone line, online computer system, server or provider, computer equipment, software, lack of e-mail or traffic congestion of the Internet or any site or combination of these, including tort or damage to user and /or Member computers and/or computer of any person, that may arise from taking part or downloading material related to the U-Wantit Site and/or Service. U-Wantit shall not be liable, for whatever reason, for any loss or damage deriving from the use of the site or Service and/or any content published on the site or communicated to U-Wantit Members by anyone. U-Wantit and their employees cannot guarantee and do not promise that the use of the site and/or Service will lead to specific results.

Excluding jurisdictions in which said provisions are limited (in that case We decline any responsibility to the extent permitted by law), U-Wantit shall not, for any reason, be liable towards members or third parties for any indirect, consequent, exemplary, accidental, special or punitive damage including the loss of profits that may arise from the use of the site or Service even if U-Wantit has been advised of the possibility of said damage.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this agreement U-Wantit’s liability to the member for any cause whatsoever, regardless of the form of action, will at all times be limited to the amount paid by the Member, expressed in Credits, and not yet used net of any Bonus Credits received.

If there is any dispute about or involving the U-Wantit Services, you agree that the dispute shall be governed by the laws of United Kingdom, provided that the foregoing shall not prevent U-Wantit from seeking injunctive relief in a court of competent jurisdiction.

You agree to indemnify and hold U-Wantit, its subsidiaries, and affiliates, and their respective officers, agents, partners and employees, harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the U-Wantit Services in violation of this Agreement and/or arising from a breach of this Agreement and/or any breach of your representations and warranties set forth above and/or if any Content that you post on the U-Wantit Website or through the U-Wantit Services causes U-Wantit to be liable to another.

U-Wantit trademarks and the U-Wantit logo, and U-Wantit website texts belong to My Lifestyle Solutions Ltd. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. You cannot, for any reason, use the intellectual property of U-Wantit and/or reproduce texts, images or any other data published on the U-Wantit website without having received prior written consent from My Lifestyle Solutions Ltd.

Please contact us with any questions regarding this Agreement





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